Voice of Child Report (VOC-R)

What is VOC-R?

A Voice of the Child Report is prepared by independent practitioners and sets out the views and preference of a child, as it pertains to parenting plans.


A VOC-R may be requested by parents, as part of a Child-Inclusive Mediation process, and outlines what information the child wants disclosed. A report may also be ordered by a family court Judge, in family dispute matters. Depending on their age and maturity, the court is required to ask a child if they wish to express their view and give consideration to such view, before granting an order.


It is the practitioner’s duty to complete separate intake for the child and the parents. If the practitioner believes that the child could be emotionally harmed from participating in the process, or, determines the situation is not appropriate, the report will not be completed. A VOC-R may include the practitioner’s observation, but, does not outline recommendations.


A kid showing at Voice of Child Report (VOC-R) on laptop

Cost:                    $1,000.00 – for one child

                              $250.00 – for each additional child


                              Fees are taxable